AUDEW Portable Air Compressor | One of the category’s leaders in terms of value

AUDEW Portable Air Compressor | One of the category’s leaders in terms of value
AUDEW Portable Air Compressor | One of the category’s leaders in terms of value

The AUDEW 12V Tire Pump is emerging as quite the winner in the market. It is reasonably priced but comes with some admirable features that appeal to the audience. Moreover, the device is portable, so taking it along on trips and vacations is very convenient.


  • Tire pump pressure of 150 PSI
  • Auto shut off feature to prevent over-inflating the tier
  • Set the desired pressure using the digital indicator


The inflating speed is 35L/min, and it works in 8-minute cycles, followed by brief rest periods. The maximum pressure is 150 PSI, so it works for most standard vehicles that require 35 PSI of tire pressure. However, the speed of inflation is quite fast – customer satisfaction is high in this regard.


Even though the unit is designed for inflating tires, it comes with different attachments to fill air in a variety of items. It can be used on air mattress, pool toys, sports equipment and other inflatables. Built-in auto shutoff ensures there is no over inflation as the machine is automatically switched off when the desired pressure is achieved.

This device isn’t just a tire inflator, but it has a pressure gauge as well. The digital display clearly shows the tire pressure, so you know exactly when it needs a refill. The accuracy of measurements is great, while a small LED light switches once you plug the unit into your car’s cigarette lighter socket.


  • No over inflation thanks to the built-in auto shutoff – you always get the correct pressure
  • LCD screen is backlit so you can read the data on pressure gauge clearly
  • LED light helps to see in the dark
  • Fast locking mechanism firmly fastens hose to the valve stem
  • It weighs only 2.6 pounds with dimensions of 9.2 x 8.3 x 4.3 inches, so you can keep it in your car
  • To allow easy access to back tires, a 3 meter long power cord is included with the unit. It is stored at the back of the device
  • Low noise levels
  • Solid construction makes it durable and long-lasting


These are included in the package: adapters for different inflatables and a carrying case for the unit.

Warranty & Service

It has a 12-month manufacturer’s warranty.


Till date it has received good feedback from customers, with great ratings. The AUDEW 12V Tire Pump comes with an auto shutoff feature that makes inflation convenient and less time consuming. The noise levels are low and bearable unlike many of its counterparts. If you are tired of constantly having to go out to gas station and paying for tire pumps, then the AUDEW 12V 150 PSI Tire Pump can be a good investment.

Doesn’t take up too much space, so I take it along for my weekend camping trips


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