Black & Decker ASI300 Air Station


Black & Decker is a well-known name when it comes to power tools, replacement parts, and accessories. Over the years, the company has grown in leaps and bounds, and one of its most popular products is air compressors, such as the ASI300 air station inflator. It is powered via a cigarette lighter socket or an electric outlet, and can use either AC or DC power sources.


Maximum pressure of this unit is 160 PSI, and it takes approximately 4 minutes to go from 0 to 35 PSI for standard sized tires.


The ASI300 Air Station Inflator can be used at home via its 120V cord or in vehicles with a 12V socket using the 12V adapter cord. It can be used to inflate lawnmower, bike, and vehicle tires, sports balls, rafts, inflatable pool toys, air mattresses, and so on.

An automatic shut off feature ensures you don’t have to supervise the operation of the unit. Once the desired pressure is attained, the device will stop pumping right away. Thus you can attend to other important tasks during this time. It is compact and weighs just 6 pounds so carrying isn’t an issue.


  • Easy air dial allows instant shutoff once correct air pressure is reached
  • Portable and space saving design – weights 6 pounds. Store in your car, boat, or garage as per convenience
  • Integrated gauge checks air pressure so it doesn’t have to be removed from the hose for readings
  • Since the unit is AC and DC compatible, it is powered by any electrical outlet or your vehicle’s lighter socket, so you can set it up where you need it


When you but this inflator, you also receive: a standard Nozzle, needle Inflator, extension nozzle, and a 12V cord and plug.

Warranty & Service

The air compressor has a warranty of up to 2 years. Something very few brands offer on their products. This is definitely a sign of trust from the manufacturer.


Don’t want to run to the gas station every time your car tires have low pressure? The ASI300 air station inflator is the ideal product for you. It isn’t a heavy duty compressor, but works brilliantly for small tasks like inflating car tires or inflatable toys.

Noise levels are acceptable, but what has contributed to its popularity is the automatic cutoff aspect. The pressure gauge is slightly small, but accuracy rating is +/- 3%. Although this issue hasn’t occurred with all users, many have complained about blown fuses after the device has been put to good use. Overall, the performance is good and feedback has been mostly positive.

Used it for the kiddie pool – works perfectly and takes just a few minutes


  • Has a built in accurate pressure gauge
  • Reaches a suitable pressure of 160 PSI
  • 2 year warranty


  • Some customers had complaints about the product’s fuse
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