DawnFavor Portable Tire Compressor

DawnFavor Portable Car Tire Air Compressor

Tire pressure shouldn’t be neglected at any cost. If it is low, the resistance enlarges while driving, which causes tires to blow out and wear quicker. On the other hand, if the pressure is high, the tires might blow out when you drive fast and driving on bumpy roads causes extreme discomfort, while brake stopping distance is increased. To keep the tire pressure at recommended levels, use the DawnFavor Portable Car Tire Air Compressor Pump.


Maximum pressure is 150 PSI. It takes about 3 minutes to inflate standard sized car tires. Filling speed is also 45% faster than its counterparts.


The biggest advantage of using air compressors is you are spared from the trouble of going to the gas station, and end up saving money as well, since you can get the job done by yourself. It can be used for all kinds of cars, trucks, SUV, motorcycles, bicycles, floating boats/pads, swimming rings, basketballs, soccer balls and other inflatables.
When the correct tire pressure is reached, the unit shuts off automatically, while the LED digital readout makes it convenient to check data in darkness. With a lightweight structure, you can carry it for camping and road trips.


  • Intelligent system is equipped with auto shut off, so the unit is turned off on reaching recommended pressure levels
  • Made of imported ABS material for enhanced durability
  • LED digital readout for checking data in the dark
  • Easy to use in case of emergencies – totally DIY, so you don’t need help
  • Test tire gauge lets you maintain standard tire pressure
  • Saves space and is convenient to carry
  • Generates data into different measuring units
  • 118 inches of wiring harness. Hidden storage protects wiring


This product comes with three nozzle tips for different purposes.

Warranty & Service

Not only do you get top notch after-sales service, but you also get a warranty for free replacement or returns within 12 months.


This air compressor has high/low temperature and shock resistance. Avoid being stranded in the middle of nowhere due to tire blowouts by maintaining proper tire pressure – it eliminates security risks and avoids car accidents.

This product was thoroughly tested so you can be sure about quality and performance. This tool comes in handy when you have a ruptured tire on a country road or highway. With LED readouts, auto shut off, and ABS shielded body, it makes the process of inflation faster and more convenient. Save time, money, and effort – buy this air compressor right away!

Superb…I am loving it! Used on my bike and a couple of children’s toys


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