Earthland YD-747


If you suddenly encounter a flat on the way back from work or while going camping, searching a gas station is the last thing on your mind. That is why you need a YD-747 Portable Air Compressor from Earthland, to refill your tires with sufficient air pressure, so you can be on your way once more.


Maximum pressure is 100 PSI, and it can inflate a mid-sized tire from 0 to 33 PSI in less than 2 minutes at a speed of 60 liters per minute. This unit has a double gas cylinder and high powered motor to ensure that your tires get refilled 50% faster than usual.


You don’t have to pore through complex instructions because this gadget is very easy to use. All you have to do is plug it into the 12-volt power outlet in your vehicle and switch it on. Made with environment-friendly ABS plastic, it has a pure copper motor that makes it more durable than its counterparts. The air compressor pump can inflate four tires continuously without any “cooling off” period. But then again it is best to shut down the inflator after 10-minute cycles to let it cool down a bit – it prolongs the life of the motor.

The double gas cylinder inflator is versatile and can be used for ATV, RV, SUV, car, bicycle, truck and motorcycle tires. It is also utilized for other inflatable items like basketball, rubber boat, air bed, swimming ring, children’s toys, and so on.


  • Dual-cylinder air compression technology
  • Lower electromagnetic radiation with higher inflation efficiency of almost 50%
  • High-power permanent magnet motor (Power up to 180W)
  • It has a bimetal cylinder while the body is made of ABS plastic
  • Maximum pressure is 100 PSI and it goes from 0 to 33 PSI in 2 minutes
  • Cable length is 11.5 feet and air hose measures 2 feet
  • DC power (DC-12V, 15A) according to requirement, AC power is prohibited


Product’s package includes: a nozzle for inflating bikes, a nozzle for playing balls (such as basketballs), and a nozzle for balloons.

Warranty & Service

The unit has a 2-year warranty, so if you have quality issues within the next 24 months, you are guaranteed a free replacement by the manufacturer.


YD-747 Portable Air Compressor from Earthland is a must-have for home and travel purposes, so you can fix car problems anywhere or inflate a kiddie pool within seconds!

While this is unit is fast and gets the job done quickly, you need to keep an eye on the tire pressure when the inflation process is going on. It can be used for several applications, and has the capacity to inflate 4 tires without requiring a break.

I am satisfied with this product. Haven’t faced any issues till date. Inflation is super fast!


It has a small form factor to its functionality and features. The auto shut off and readable digital screen makes this a good choice for an inflator to keep around for that one time you need it badly.


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