EPAuto Portable Air Compressor

EPAuto Portable Air Compressor
EPAuto Portable Air Compressor

There are several digital tire inflators available in the market, but if you want convenience and stellar performance in one package, opt for the Digital Tire Inflator from EPAuto. This 12V DC portable air compressor is touted to be one of the best and most easy to use gadget, as it just needs to be plugged into the cigarette lighter socket to begin working.


Maximum working pressure is up to 100 PSI. Digital readout can display the pressure in PSI, KPA and BAR.


Apart from using on various types of vehicle tires, such as those of cars, bikes, and midsize sedan SUVs. Please bear in mind it won’t work on HT, LT, and truck tires as the unit isn’t meant for heavy duty usage. Other inflatables like toys, kiddie pools, and sports equipment can also be refilled with air via this unit.

The digital readout makes it simpler to check the tire pressure, while the unit comes with an auto shutoff system, so you can set the desired pressure level and run errands, because the unit automatically turns off after that level is reached. LED flashlight allows you to see clearly in the dark so you don’t have to fumble – the unit can be operated seamlessly.


  • Plugs directly into cigarette lighter socket
  • 3 display units of PSI, KPA and BAR
  • Bright Torch LED flashlight so you can work in the dark without trouble
  • Air hose of 20 inches and power outlet of 9 feet are provided so you can reach all four tires with ease
  • Auto shut off mechanism – set the recommended pressure level and once it is attained, the device switches off to prevent over inflation
  • Lightweight and compact, which makes storage convenient
  • Maximum Working Pressure: 100 PSI
  • Ambient Temperature: 20 °F ~ 120 °F
  • Inline fuse holder with a 15 amps standard blade fuse


Adapters for sports equipment, tires, and other inflatables.

Warranty & Service

The Digital Tire Inflator from EP Auto provides a warranty of up to a year.


Rest assured, you won’t be disappointed with the overall performance of this gadget. Even though it doesn’t come with a carry bag, you can keep it in your car due to its sleek design. The pressure gauge is digital, which makes it all the more simple to get readings of tire pressure.

This unit is small and light, and perfectly suited for motorbikes and vehicles up to medium sedans.

I bought it for the LED and auto shut off. Both features are amazing


Directly plugs into a cigarette lighter socket and has the power to inflate the tires of your car, motorcycle, bike, and up to a SUV.


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