LifeLine AAA Air Compressor

LifeLine AAA Air Compressor
LifeLine AAA Air Compressor

300 PSI Air Compressor (4024AAA) by AAA is one of the best compact air compressors in the market that fulfills your requirements for years to come. It is designed with cutting edge technology like all AAA products. The company ensures all products are top-notch and never compromises regarding quality, so you get true value for money.


This air compressor is portable and can be used to inflated standard sized tires. It goes from 0 to 35 PSI in or under 8 minutes. Moreover, it just takes in 10 of the cigarette lighters 12 amps. Since this is a low-capacity gadget, it is advisable to use it for topping purposes rather than full inflation. It works up to 300 PSI.


A quick connect air hose and power cable ensures the 12V DC powered air compressor can be attached without hassle – locking mechanism is incorporated so you don’t have to hold it in place. A pressure checking gauge helps you monitor tire pressure. Please note – it doesn’t posses auto cutoff feature, so you need to keep an eye on when the proper pressure is reached, and turn it off manually. It is best to use another digital pressure gauge to get the correct PSI reading as the pressure dial might not be fully accurate every time. Equipped with 3 inflation nozzles, it can be used to inflate sporting equipment as well.


  • Inflates standard car tire from 0 to 35 PSI in or less than 8 minutes
  • Made with high quality plastic, the design is sleek and portable
  • Weighs 2.19 lbs
  • Built-in pressure gauge to keep tabs on tire pressure
  • Featuring compact dimensions (8? x 5.88? x 3.5?), it takes up very little space
  • It operates from a cigarette lighter outlet in your car
  • Maximum pressure is 300 PSI


Three inflation nozzles, 18-inch air hose with quick connect system, 10-feet long power cable

Warranty & Service

Warranty lasts up to a year.


To put it in a nutshell, this air compressor works best during emergency purposes, and its small size makes it convenient to store. However, don’t use to fill tires of large capacity, children’s pool toys, or air mattresses. Please bear in mind that it could take a few minutes extra per tire that need more air. A built-in air pressure gauge lets you know when the inflation is complete. It is lightweight and very easy to attach and operate.

It can inflate tires but is best used for top ups. Slightly noisy, but very compact so it is easy to carry


It’s hard to tell when an inflator will come in hand, but when it does you’re happy you bought one and kept it close. When it comes to AAA’s air compressor, price is of no consequence and it is the very basic product in the category that everyone needs to have.


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