PI Auto Store Premium Air Compressor

P.I. Auto Store Premium Tire Air Compressor
PI Auto Store Premium Air Compressor
PI Auto Store Premium Air Compressor

It is very important to maintain gas efficiency in cars, which is accomplished by keeping tires inflated with the correct pressure. This digital inflator with a detachable gauge allows quick inflation, and comes with a host of advanced features. It is amazing in terms of performance and reliability.


Maximum pressure is 150 PSI, while the unit is can successfully inflate a mid-sized tire from 0 to 30 PSI in less than 3 minutes.


Customer feedback has been taken into account while developing this device. This is why it has taken around 2 years to release this model into the market. It utilizes high-end components and manufacturing techniques to ensure the inflator is of excellent quality that can be relied on at all times.

All you have to do is plug the unit into your 12V cigarette lighter socket (other 12V outlets will work too). Afterwards, set the desired pressure using the backlit LCD display gauge. You don’t have to keep an eye on the tire pressure, as it is automatically stopped when it reaches the correct value. The compact and sleek design makes it easy to carry, while a storage case is provided for convenience. For additional stability, there are silicone feet, and the 12V connector is fuse protected.


  • 12V DC outlet powered, so even if you discover a flat while you are on the road, the tire can be inflated right away
  • Capable of inflating a mid-sized tire from flat to 30 Psi in 3 minutes, with a maximum of 100 PSI
  • Big impact plastics, reinforced hose and silicone feet for stability ensure durability
  • Automatic shut off feature and accuracy +/- 1Psi
  • Total length of 13 feet so all tires can be accessed easily
  • Use backlit LCD display for inflating in dim light conditions or in the dark
  • Detachable digital force gauge, so you can check your tire pressures
  • Hose connector has deflate valve
  • LED lights have 3 settings of standard flashlight, flashing red, and emergency SOS


Storage and carry bag, eight dust caps, digital guide to tire care, sports equipment adapters, Presta valve, and a spare fuse.

Warranty & Service

Warranty is for 1 year.


This is one of the best portable digital tire inflators in the market as of now. Take it along with you, so you don’t have to look for gas stations when you face car trouble on the road. Keep it close by, so it’s within reach when you’re planning to go on a bike ride or to the pool or beach. It is lightweight so carrying it isn’t an issue nor is there any risk of over-inflation.

The LED lights are really helpful. No more fumbling in the dark. I can now fill up the tires with ease


A surprisingly attractive offer for a portable compressor. Customer reviews are positive and enthusiastic – this is obviously a product worth its cost. Excellent value.

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